Why You Should Recycle Your Scrap Car

Why You Should Recycle Your Scrap Car

There’s an old truck or beat-up sedan parked behind the garage. It hasn’t run in years and is probably up on blocks. If this sounds familiar to you, the solution is much simpler than you might think. There are myriad benefits to recycling your out-of-commission car. Here are three of the biggest and best.

Earn Cash

Your car has dozens of valuable pieces, from the batteries to the window glass. The largest part of your car is the car itself. Iron, steel, and aluminum (the primary metals cars are made of) are well worth the time and effort took to call a scrapyard. Not only can you make a bit of money selling your car, but you also won’t even need to be responsible for moving it. If you want to scrap cars Morris County NJ, most scrapyards will pick the car up for you.

Clean Your Yard

Cleaning your yard gives you mastery over your own property, which has some interesting mental health benefits. Depression and fatigue are linked to messiness. Cleanliness has a snowball effect. Once you get rid of the beat-up car, you’ll have much more motivation to work on repainting the trim or cleaning up the fence line, which will, in turn, give you even more positive feelings. These benefits aren’t purely psychological; curb appeal has a major effect on how prospective buyers (or friends) view your home and its worth.

Protect the Earth

Vehicle components contain a number of hazardous substances. Dangerous chemicals — such as Mercury in thermostats, lead and battery acid in the battery, oil, and brake and transmission fluids — can seep out of a sitting car. Glass takes millennia to decompose, and plastics take hundreds of years. Properly disposing of a scrap car will not only help protect the earth but also remove these dangers from your own backyard.

A scrap car can sit in the backyard for years. These three simple reasons can give you the motivation to be free of it once and for all.