Why Installing a Smart Shower a Wise Decision?

Why Installing a Smart Shower a Wise Decision?

Why Installing a Smart Shower is advisable? You will save money, reduce water consumption, and enjoy added features, including Amazon Alexa integration. In addition, you can control your battery with a smartphone app. There are many benefits to installing an intelligent shower, so make sure you choose one compatible with your plumbing. Listed below are some features you can expect from an intelligent shower.

They Offer Integration with Amazon Alexa.

smart shower system was released last year, adding Alexa and Siri voice control capabilities to the line. Alexa support enables you to control your shower with voice commands, and Siri compatibility is due later this year. For example, you can ask your assistant to turn on the shower, set the temperature, and pause water flow when you’ve reached the desired temperature. You can even use the Alexa skills to turn on or off your shower with a voice command.

It comes with two or four outlets for those who like to do it themselves; however, it may not be a DIY project, as it involves some plumbing and electrical work. You may also need to hire a carpenter or electrician to install the system. Although few contractors have installed intelligent showers, talking to a contractor about the installation process is a good idea.

While it doesn’t have nozzles for hot and cold water, it does offer digital temperature control through an in-shower control pad and the smartphone app. In addition, Alexa or Siri will allow you to manage your shower with your voice. This might be useful for parents who have trouble getting the right temperature for their children.

Smart Shower

They Can Be Controlled by a Smartphone App.

One of the advantages of a connected brilliant shower is that you can remotely activate it. For example, you can get your shower to start as soon as you get out of bed or as soon as you return from your workout. You can also set the temperature of the water through voice control. In addition, the system can be connected to your home assistant, such as Alexa. The app can control other connected smart devices such as lights and thermostats.

Some brilliant showers allow you to set the temperature of the water, which you can regulate with a simple touch of a button. They feature built-in limits to prevent accidental overheating. With the ability to control the shower from a smartphone app, you can save water and cut your energy bills.

The smart shower system works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. In addition, it works with a mobile app, which allows you to control the shower and set up presets. This way, you can choose the temperature you want and turn on or off the battery whenever you feel like it. A DIYer can install them.

Installing a Smart Shower requires some basic technical skills and can be challenging for those who do not have experience in building or remodeling a bathroom. The smart shower system integrates technology and luxury into one seamless unit that blends into any bathroom decor. 

There are many benefits of installing a smart shower. You can set the temperature and the water pressure to suit your tastes. It also can adjust the water temperature depending on the weather. It can be installed by a DIYer or a professional shower designer. The average smart shower installation may require some electrical and plumbing work. It may also require minor framing and finishing.

Smart showers are compatible with various home automation systems and can be controlled with a smartphone app. You can set specific presets for your family members. If you like a hot shower, they can create profiles for themselves. The app can play music when you take a shower. Besides saving water, smart showers save energy and time.

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