What to Know When Hiring House Painting Contractors

What to Know When Hiring House Painting Contractors

Every couple of years, homes need new paint to make it look brand new. Painting your property helps protect it from various environmental elements like rain, sunlight, or snow. It also keeps the property look good and makes the house last longer than expected. Not only that, if homeowners do not live in a barn, you will need ladders to reach the 2nd or 3rd story.

It may lead people towards hiring painting professionals, which can bring another challenge. Individuals will need to research this kind of professional, look for an affordable company, set up interviews, and so much more. Sounds challenging, right? Well, it does not need to be that tough. This article will help individuals decide which company or professional is best for their property.

People will be able to sleep a lot better at night in your freshly painted and nice property. Homeowners would not have to break the bank hiring a painting professional. Let us take a closer look at the most common questions that homeowners ask – Is hiring a professional really necessary?

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Should homeowners do it by themselves or hire an expert?

Most people consider painting a house to be an easy task. You dip the brush or roller into the paint and apply it to the walls. Very simple, right? Well, for the most part, that is all there is to this job. Most individuals can paint their house if they want to. It is an excellent way for them to save some money, take pride in their work, and get outside to enjoy the sun. But there is another side of the coin people need to consider, since hiring a reputable expert has some advantages. Listed below are some advantages to consider:

Saves a lot of time

Even though people can save money by doing it by themselves, do not forget about all the hours they will spend on the project. If they are all by themselves, it can take them a couple of weeks to paint the house. They will be working for a couple of hours per day. Obviously, it will still depend on the size of the property, but you would be surprised how long it will take to paint the house properly in their own time. People are busy enough as it is – do they really want to spend their spare time doing things they can outsource to professionals.


These professionals are usually standing on ladders. They need to climb on roofs, do some crazy stuff, or lean out of windows to get the job done. Even though more or less 90% of the job is usually safe, it is that 10% that keeps their loved ones up at night. Why would homeowners do this by themselves when they can hire experts to do this kind of stuff for them?

The experts know what they are doing because they do this almost every day. They know how to use the ladder properly and how to measure the level of fatigue for both them and the homeowners. They will not push their limits since they realize what is at stake—people with no experience in these kinds of tasks.

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It is not that difficult to brush paint onto the wall. But can people make it look good? More importantly, they know how to make paints look good, how to get hard-to-reach areas, and the most important parts of the property to paint? Probably, not because people do not know these things.

Experts know these areas of the house, like the small gaps under the side panels or above the windows or doors, are very important. If property owners do not paint these areas, the house is more susceptible to critters, mold, and other types of damages. So, an expert will help the paint look a lot better, as well as also protect the property better.


Professionals will probably have more or less five people working on the project at any given time. There are times that there will be just one or two individuals working finishing touches, but usually, you expect a full force doing the job. Don’t you think these professionals will be able to finish the project a lot faster compared to homeowners doing it by themselves?

Of course, hiring a team can finish the project faster. So, instead of the project taking four to six weeks, property owners will be sitting pretty in their gorgeous and freshly painted house within just one to two weeks. It will give them peace of mind. Professionals will know that the project is complete so that they can concentrate on other important tasks – either around work or at the house.

To wrap this up, people can definitely save a lot of money doing the task by themselves. But an expert painter with a team will do everything faster and better, saving property owners their precious time to focus on other more important things. But before hiring a professional to do the task, let us take a look at some other things property owners need to do.

Understanding the pricing and estimates

Experts have two main kinds of costs – indirect and direct. Knowing the difference between the two before hiring painting contractors is the first step in knowing the price estimate.

Indirect costs

These kinds of costs are not directly tied to the project. For instance, indirect costs include monthly payments on the tools and equipment, benefits, and overhead for the crew, as well as costs for the work truck. Indirect costs also include rent and utilities of the headquarters.

Part of the salary for staff like the accountant and secretary is also considered as an indirect cost. Clients usually forget about these costs until they receive their first estimate. When the job is higher than expected, there is a big chance that it is because of the indirect cost.

Direct costs

It is usually just gas, labor, and paint. These are costing that individuals usually think of when they think of the project. It can vary depending on where they live and what type of paint they need or want. For instance, places with a high cost of living will have higher labor costs. Besides, breaking up the costs indirectly and directly lets property owners take a closer look at what they need to expect on the estimates.