What To Do if You Have Water in Your Basement

What To Do if You Have Water in Your Basement

Water in the basement is never a pleasant thing to deal with but facing the problem swiftly can help prevent major issues in the future. Mold and damage to carpeting and furniture can occur if water repeatedly enters your basement. Check out the information below to help keep water at bay.

1. Install a Sump Pump

If you have repeat flooding problems in your basement, it may be time for a sump pump installation Mooresville NC. Sump pumps reallocate water away from your home, typically to a storm drain or well. They are often wired into the home’s electrical system. Some pumps have a backup battery included so that in case of electrical outages the pump will remain active.

2. Consider an Outdoor Drainage System

In order to prevent water from flooding inside your home, eliminating water surpluses outside of your home is crucial. Some yards are prone to flooding, which can in turn cause the interior of a home to flood. French drains systems can assist with water issues in your yard and direct water away from the house. This could keep your home from flooding altogether, but should definitely at least decrease the amount of water that gets into the house.

3. Repair Foundation Leaks

Leaks and cracks in the foundation of a home can lead to water issues. If you have exhausted your other options, have your foundation checked for damage. Repairing them could stop water from entering your home and causing multiple other issues such as uneven flooring or cracks in your walls. 

No one wants water in their basement, so stay on top of any flooding issues. If you don’t already have one, install a sump pump to move water elsewhere. Additionally, consider installing an outdoor drainage system and repair any leaks in the foundation of your home.