Types of Bugs that Can Destroy Your Home

Types of Bugs that Can Destroy Your Home

Termites are one of the most feared pests of homeowners. They are well-known for silently eating away at the wooden structures in your home, causing thousands of dollars of damage every year. But they aren’t the only insects that can destroy your Albany home. Dealing with any wood destroying bugs albany or can be incredibly stressful, but knowing what you’re dealing with can help you to take the right steps. Here are a few other pests that can destroy wood.


Carpenter Ants

Instead of eating wood, carpenter ants build their homes inside of it. These insects might not cause as much damage as termites, but they certainly cause enough. They typically get inside your home in the first place if you have any areas of rotting wood such as a windowsill. Like termites, you might not know carpenter ants are there unless you know what signs to look for.

Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles, like termites, eat wood. As soon as the larvae hatch from their eggs, they begin eating it. They gradually make their way out, a process that can take several years. There are a few different species of powderpost beetle, and different species eat different types of wood. You may find wood dust and small holes in wood where the adult beetles have finally eaten their way out.

Long-Horned Beetles

Long-horned beetles are commonly classified as wood-boring insects. This particular species likes to make its home in fresh-cut wood. Because of this, you’ll often find them in firewood. This is how they can make their way inside. Once in the house, adults may get into your wooden structures and lay new eggs.

Getting an insect infestation can be scary. But knowing what type of bug you’re dealing with and dealing with the issue promptly will allow you to reclaim your home and prevent serious, expensive damage.

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