Top Reasons a Shower Door is Better Than a Curtain

Top Reasons a Shower Door is Better Than a Curtain

Your shower is used every day. Multiply that by the people in your house and it adds up. If you’re still using a curtain instead of a door, you may have thought about switching. Here are the top reasons that a glass shower door is superior to a curtain.

Shower Doors Are Cleaner

When using a shower curtain and liner, you know it’s only a matter of time before it’s covered in mildew and soap scum. When that happens, you have to take the entire thing down to clean or buy a new one. With glass shower doors dallas TX you can just wipe it down and you’re done. There’s no smelly, slimy build-up and no annoying rings to scrub.

Glass Enclosures Don’t Leak

Another problem with a shower curtain is its capacity to leak. It moves around and the next thing you know, you’ve got a big puddle on the floor. With an enclosure, you’ve got a solid seal. Plus, no more curtain blowing around and sticking to you while you shower.

Shower Doors Make Your Bathroom Look Beautiful

Installing a shower door may become the focal point of your bathroom. A glass door goes with any decor and can be custom fit to almost any type of space. A crystal clear glass door will make the room look bright and clean.

You Won’t Have to Replace a Shower Door

Once you install a glass shower door, it’s done. No more replacing curtains every few months. No more trying to find colors you like and best of all, no more hanging all those shower rings. A shower door will be a permanent fixture.

Opt for a Glass Shower Door

A new glass shower enclosure isn’t just attractive, but it’s easy to care for, won’t leak and you won’t have to keep replacing it. Once you bring down the curtain in your bath, you’ll find that shower time will be much more enjoyable.