Top Kitchen Trends For 2020

Top Kitchen Trends For 2020

When it comes to kitchen trends, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you need to figure out the latest kitchen trends and ideas suitable for a modern-day kitchen set up. Here are trending kitchen ideas to consider for 2020.

Repair Structural Damage

Structural damage is expected in bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens, especially in older homes, are prone to structural damages if the house was built on a sinking foundation. With the right slab repairs, you can fix sinking or cracked foundations to make your kitchen sturdy and good as new.

If you notice that your doors or windows are somewhat jammed or misaligned, a quick repair will prevent the problem from escalating. Therefore, before you even start thinking of remodeling your kitchen and giving it a contemporary look, consider fixing any existing structural issues.

Use Decorative Backsplashes

Backsplashes such as granite or marble are reminiscent of rustic kitchen styles typically found in Europe. If you need some decorative bugs and accessories in your kitchen, then backsplashes are a great way to get started. For more visual continuity, opt for a kitchen backsplash and countertop made from the same material.

Purchase Oversized Pantries

If you have sufficient space in your kitchen, consider oversized pantries for your cutlery. A bigger pantry will allow you to organize your items neatly and access them with ease. You don’t have to bend to search for a bag for rice hidden at the back of a dark kitchen cabinet. Moreover, the bigger pantry allows you to make your kitchen look clean by hiding smaller kitchen appliances.

Build Storage Walls

It’s easier to get more organized by building a wall of storage cabinets than having several cabinets throughout the kitchen. This is the ideal kitchen renovation idea for people who don’t have enough space to install oversized pantries. Use drawers or pull-out shelves to make your cabinets more accessible.

You could also try out various warm color tones such as browns and greys to make your kitchen have an outdoor ambiance. Samsung is one of the reputable companies that have embraced the idea of using warm-toned colors in their modernized kitchen appliances such as refrigerators. Be sure to select kitchen fixtures and appliances that complement each other.