Three Home Maintenance Items Never to Ignore

Three Home Maintenance Items Never to Ignore

As a homeowner, there are a lot of maintenance items you have to take care of. Perhaps you have a list of items in order of importance. There may be some items, such as trimming a tree way back in the corner, that you’re leaving until a moment when you have spare time. There may be other items that should be at the top of your list. These include the following three items you should never ignore.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you want your home to cool off during some of the hottest days of the year, your AC system needs to be in good shape at all times. You should be sure to replace the filters on a regular basis so as not to overwhelm the system. If it ever breaks, prompt air conditioning repair Corpus Christi is a must. Some signs that might point to the need for repair include squealing sounds, strange smells, and a system that is turned on but not blowing cool air.


Roof Maintenance

Your roof protects some of your most prized possessions. Not only do you have furniture, draperies, electronics, and other important items, but your family also lives inside. The roof provides protection from the weather, uncomfortable temperatures, wildlife, and a variety of other factors that could become serious issues. Has your roof inspected on a regular basis? If you notice warped shingles or leaks coming through the ceiling, have the roof repaired in a reasonable amount of time. If it’s older than 25 years of age, you may need to replace the roof.

Plumbing Maintenance

Even a small crack in a small pipe can yield serious damage. If you notice a leak underneath the sink when you have the hot water running, have it looked at by a licensed plumber. If your toilet doesn’t flush completely, call a plumber. Any of these issues can become serious in just a short amount of time, so be sure to contact a plumber any time you notice a small problem.

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