6 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

It is often best to think about winterizing your home before cold weather hits. However, don’t fret if you’ve put off the chore until now. It is still possible to take at least some steps to winterize your home before winter gets going in full force. Some of them are actually quite easy and inexpensive.

1. Add More Insulation

Insulating areas like attics, basements, unused rooms, etc. can help to boost heat retention. Depending on the space itself, you may opt for either spray foam insulation Maryland or the fiberglass variety.

2. Install a Chimney Balloon

Does your home have a chimney that you do not use? If so, you can use a chimney balloon to plug the hole and prevent heat loss and drafts.

3. Use a Programmable Thermostat

It doesn’t make sense to heat the home while you’re not there to experience it. With a programmable thermostat, …