Need a New Roof? Look Out for These Signs

A leaky roof isn’t just a nuisance, it can cause major damage both visible and invisible. Water cascading down from the ceiling shouldn’t be your first indication you have a roof problem. Look for these signs indicating your roof needs replacement.

Inspect Shingles

One of the first places roofing contractors St Charles County MO look at are the shingles. Heavy storms and high winds can dislodge a shingle or two leaving gaps in the roof to allow water in. Over time, the shingles can buckle, crack or become damaged in other ways. Repairing those patches of bad shingles before they become a bigger problem can prolong the life of your roof. The contractor also looks at the granules on the shingles, too few indicates it’s probably time to replace them.

Attic Inspection

The attic is a great place to hunt for signs of a leaking roof. As the first stop …