Quick Tips When Selling Your House

If you’re in the process of preparing your home for a move, think about small changes that will really make your home pop. What can you do to make your house stand out to potential buyers who have already seen so many others?

Custom Touches

It’s the little things that buyers remember about homes they tour. What kinds of small touches can you add to your house that makes it seem more custom?

  • Lighting. Shadowy homes are off-putting and somber, and people love a well-lit house. Invest in some custom light fixtures to make rooms stand out to buyers, and swap out soft white bulbs for more energy-efficient LEDs.
  • Storage. Plenty of storage is always a good selling point. Add custom cabinets and shelves to areas like insides of closets, the laundry room and under the stairs.

Regular Maintenance

In the weeks leading up to your home going …