One of the Greatest Garage Storage Ideas — by Home Repair Tutor

One of the Greatest Garage Storage Ideas — by Home Repair Tutor

Garage storage ideas don’t get more efficient than this one!!

Hey Friends, this is Jeff from Home Repair Tutor. In today’s brand new episode you’ll see how to get clutter off your garage floor and up onto the ceiling.

If you can’t park your car in your garage you’ll love this idea.

If you’re looking for a place to store holiday decorations, you’ll love this idea.

Basically I’m saying you need to check this out.

Using a 2 x 4 sheet of birch plywood, some 2 x4 studs, and plastic totes you can get this project done in a few hours.

A complete materials and supply list is over on my site at

And many thanks to Family Handyman for this awesome idea.

Check out my video for all the details on how to build this cool garage storage idea.

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