Must-Have Qualities for Any Good Residential Plumber

Must-Have Qualities for Any Good Residential Plumber

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Having a plumber that can come out at a moment’s notice to fix your major water problems is a must for any homeowner. Unfortunately, most people wait until a major disaster strikes to call out a professional. This leaves you crossing your fingers when it comes to the job they will perform. Instead of ending up in this unfortunate situation, you should call and speak to a few local plumbers in your area ahead of time to ensure they have these good qualities.

The first quality of any good plumber is their accreditations and certifications. If the plumber has been around for any amount of time, they should have a few of these under their belt. These certifications are given out for specific areas in the plumbing industry. For example, companies the work with gas should be registered as certified by Gas Safe. There are various accreditations that are available to plumbers, so it’s best to ask a specific plumber what their accreditations are so you can research them.

Any good plumber will have insurance and be a registered tradesperson or business. You don’t want to hire a friend of your aunt that supposedly can fix your drainage issue, no matter how cheap they are. You want to always hire a professional that is registered in your town as a tradesperson or business. They should have insurance as part of being registered, but it’s always a good idea to ask. You want to verify that they have an active policy and understand how much they are insured for. If a company is reluctant to share this information with you, simply skip them and move onto the next.

Services are a key part of any good plumber’s business. There are some basic firms out there who can do inspections, pipe cleaning and replace burst pipes. Others may offer a larger array of services that include 24-hour emergency responses, trenchless line repair and replacement, and slab leak detection. Having a plumber that is capable of a wide array of services is always your best bet. This will ensure that you don’t have to hire a different firm when problems become too big for the initial firm to handle.

Pricing is something that any homeowner is going to worry about. You want a firm that offers competitive prices while still providing you with excellent service. A company should be overly transparent about their rates. They should have estimates available so that you know what you are dealing with ahead of time. Plumbers who value their customers will have written quotes of all the prices for the services they intend to perform. It’s good to discuss whether you will be charged on the hour or per-call basis. Any company that is reluctant to share prices with you until they start the job should not be hired.

A good residential plumber will have a list of qualities that reflect the type of work they provide. You should utilize this list above to ensure that any potential firm you are thinking about hiring turns out to do a quality job. Remember that it’s important to feel open and comfortable with the firm you hire. If you feel hesitation or don’t fully trust them, simply don’t use them for the job.