How to Improve Suwitmuaythai of Muay Thai Camp for Fitness in Thailand with Good Architecture

How to Improve Suwitmuaythai of Muay Thai Camp for Fitness in Thailand with Good Architecture

In recent years, Thailand has continued to witness unprecedented and bumper growth in tourism. And a large cause for this growth is the growing fascination of foreigners and tourists in the sport of Muay Thai.

The sport is wholly synonymous with the people in so many ways including architecture, culture, combat styles, people, lifestyle, and many more. For many, Muay Thai’s growing adoption as a fitness, health, weight loss, and psychological routine is enough to consider it the best combat sport ever. This is what make cities, islands, and countrysides of Thailand to swell with Muay Thai camps.

Sadly, most of these camps can be best classified in construction/engineering as “ancient” buildings, and maybe it might just be time to “tear it down” or renovate.

Renovating is usually far easier compared to starting afresh.  In most cases, it is wiser to simply pull it down, and shun the cost for a while.

Making these decisions can be very tough, that is why I have listed some aids to help you choose between renovating and re-construction.

· When should you renovate your Muay Thai camp? 

Most Muay Thai buildings or camps were erected only recently, and don’t necessarily need to be pulled down, (except you have discovered cracks). However, if your training facility is missing some amenities (fitness instruments, staff, small buildings, and co.) it may be time to renovate your Muay Thai camp.

· When should you rebuild your Muay Thai camp? 

Rebuilding is usually a tough decision, but one that is worth every stress when it is completed. If your Muay Thai building is older than 50 years, it may be time to consider reconstructing a more modern, and suitable Muay Thai training area.

Before reconstruction, you should contact a Structural Engineer and related fields.

· Renovating your Muay Thai facility 

When renovating your Muay Thai training facility/gym such as Suwitmuaythai gym, here are some new additions or plans you should add to the facility. These upgrades attract more customers to your facility;

· Make room for a swimming pool 

Most people make the mistake of omitting swimming as a sport or a physical activity. Lots of people consider swimming as the “last” act for the day and consider it a relaxation. Also, having a swimming facility in a tropical country like Thailand is a massive pro already.

· Improve gym equipment 

Exchange or retire old equipment and opt for new, modern, and improved ones. The Sport of Muay Thai is evolving, and the facilities should evolve with it. Employ the right staff with proper knowledge of handling these types of equipment.

· Expand on your buildings 

Your Muay Thai camp or Suwit Muay Thai must be spacious enough to accommodate more people. Most people prefer a large spaced and “free” training area to themselves. If your gym is wide enough, it makes the Muay Thai training easier and “happier”.

· Improve the Architecture 

The outer design of your Muay Thai camp is the biggest seducer of fitness lovers, especially foreigners. When re-designing your camp, add more elements that resonate with the culture and art of Muay Thai in Thailand.

Muay Thai is the best combat sport you can learn.

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