How to do a backstroke flipturn. Improve your swimming technique

How to do a backstroke flipturn. Improve your swimming technique

First, Let’s go over the main points quickly. If you dominate the freestyle flipturn that we discuss in earlier videos. The most important thing in a backstroke flipturn is the timing. You must count how many strokes you do between the flags and the wall. Once you have counted, you will subtract one. You will be doing this last stroke as you rotate on your stomach, and you will finish the pull of this stroke as if it was a freestyle stroke. At this point you should be very close to the wall. Now do a freestyle flipturn except you push on your back instead of rotating.

To get the timing right you need to practice the turn at different speeds. One common mistake is to practice at race pace one day before a meet or during the meet warm up. This skill is not something you can master in just one or two days. Once or twice a week you should be practicing this turn at the fastest speed you can master. Practice starting two strokes before the flags and come into the wall quickly.

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