How to Care for a Hardwood Floor

How to Care for a Hardwood Floor

Over time, without care and protection, hardwood floors get worn out and become unappealing because of the scratches that come with the damage. However, keeping it looking natural and attractive is not an expensive and time-consuming task to do, even with companies like hardwood floor refinishing Denver-based. Even so, you will have to regularly put in efforts to make sure that it lasts for a longer time than expected and looks as good as you want. If you are wondering how to do this, here are a few ways that you can care for your hardwood floor.

Protection is Paramount

Start by protecting the floor from scratches and it will last longer. Always, make sure that the furniture has soft clothing or pads on its bottom to avoid direct contact with the floor. This helps avoid accidental scratches when rearranging the room. Try to use rugs in areas that receive high traffic, especially at the entryways. Also, place some rugs below the sinks to prevent splashing water and moisture from having contact with such a  type of refinished hardwood floor. In case it does, be quick to carefully clear the floor before placing a new rug. 

Regular Cleaning

Sweep the hardwood floor using a broom at minimum twice a week. The dirt that accumulates can scratch the rivets in the floor and deepen with time. So, use vacuum cleaning brushes to remove the dirt between floorboards. Or else, the bristles may create further harm to your floor.

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Use Skilled Cleaners

Scratches, heel marks, and other small damage are part of staying in a home that has hardwood flooring. The crucial part is addressing such issues promptly. Generally, regular sweeping and vacuuming are enough. keep the hardwood floor clean. Nonetheless, keep off wax-based detergents or products that contain bleaching properties or water because they damage the flooring.

Clean Spills Immediately

The moment you notice a spill on the hardwood flooring that can stain and damage it beyond levels of repair, clean it promptly. Such things as spills and crumbs can warp the floor. Therefore, use a damp sponge or soft clothing to wipe up the floor, ensuring it dries up completely. Also, here we use special hardwood floor cleaning detergents.


If your hardwood floor is already damaged and has multiple scratches on it, it is almost impossible to lead it. It is never easy and it can be tiresome and gruesome to continuously clean it. In such a case, it is advisable to refinish first, then proceed with tackling regular cleaning and maintenance as you follow the steps above. 

In conclusion, these basic care routines may seem insignificant but are the key to maintaining the spark of your refinished hardwood floor. If not, the results after a while will never be pleasing but incur extra costs for repair or complete board replacement. Hardwood floors can last for years if well maintained and properly taken care of. Therefore, make a point to follow these guidelines and the floor sustains its original and natural beauty. 

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