Hiring a Countertop Specialist

Hiring a Countertop Specialist

When you are talking about remodeling, installing the countertop of the bathroom or kitchen is considered one of the most challenging Do-It-Yourself projects for property owners. And while people could paint these things as a temporary solution for a couple of years before replacing them, at some point, individuals will most probably want to go all in with new countertops. But how do people know what stone to choose and who to hire for this important job? Contractors or professionals can help property owners with everything from design and fabrication all the way down to the installation.

Benefits of interior construction professionals

New countertops are usually very heavy, large slabs of fabricated materials or rocks. The force it takes to a one- to two-inch chunk of stone may need special tools and equipment, as well as more than one individual to move. The cutting and shaping of these things also need heavy machinery and tons of space, in addition to having a powerful truck to transport it once it is cut. Here are a couple of reasons people will want to hire home improvement contractors for this kind of project.

To know more about how these slabs are made, check out this site for more info.


People will need at least three reputable professionals to move countertop slabs from warehouses to the client’s house.


Specialized pieces of machinery – routers, polishers, and stone saws – that contractors use is well beyond what’s found in a DIY enthusiast’s toolkit.


Reputable professionals are insured and licensed in case of on-the-job accidents.


These professionals are responsible for the deliverables and installation quality of the countertop.

Finding a reputable contractor

Finding a reputable professional can seem pretty daunting, but there are ways to get referrals if property owners do not know where to start. Asking for referrals through word-of-mouth from friends, family members, neighbors, or work colleagues is a good way to make an initial list. People can also use platforms to find installers near them.

Things to do before hiring a professional or installation firm

Before hiring these professionals, property owners will want to check off the following steps:

Plan the project for an exact quotation

Having an accurate kitchen measurement of the surface before getting a quotation will go a long way when it comes to helping yourself ascertain some of the options you will need for installation costs and materials. Additionally, suppose the property owner plans to modify their current countertop from their original size and shape or add an island.

In that case, they will want to have a good idea of what they want to be listed down before calling these professionals. If they are managing the project and intend to oversee or hire different subcontractors – like cabinet, flooring, and painting firms – they should outline plans to achieve their vision. Here are some things to map out in their plan:

  • Flooring
  • Materials, sheen, and paint color they want for their walls and cabinets
  • Desired design or style of cabinets
  • Type and size of the kitchen sink
  • The exact square footage of the countertop
  • The dimensional plan of the area, like door openings and windows

Homeowners should not just go with the first firm or contractor they find but get at least three quotes from different experts to make sure they have a high level of confidence in their communications with them, attention to detail, as well as a solid timeline for work completion.

Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan_(drawing) for details about dimensional plans.


Check the professional references and qualifications

Insurance, bonding, and licensing are very important metrics when it comes to determining whether the installer is a reputable expert or not. Homeowners should ask for references from the installer’s past clients or, if they know someone who hired the firm, inquire directly about their experience with the firm.

Did the firm finish the project on budget and on time? A reputable home renovation firm or professional contractor should have a portfolio of completed projects or an online site readily available or, at least, will have been reviewed on the Internet through search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Ask for access or link to images or videos from previous projects; before-and-after images or videos, in particular, will show individuals a lot about the caliber of work they can expect from that company. If possible, visiting a completed job site to see the work will help make sure the quality is up to the client’s expectations.

Tips on hiring countertop professionals

Interview the company or professional

It is very important for individuals to go with their gut and trust the vibe they are getting from their interactions with the installer. If they are not getting crystal-clear answers to their questions when it comes to the scope, process, and materials, they will want to move on to the next name on the list of candidates.

Do a lot of background checking

When researching these individuals, a simple Internet query of the contractor’s company or name is the first thing people need to do – but it should not stop there. Before people start making appointments or meetings, they need to look into the firm’s license certifications by contacting relevant agencies directly.

Get a good contract and arrange the payment with the expert

Before proceeding with a home renovation project, people will want a contract they are comfortable with. To fully cover their bases:

The payment structure, down payment, materials, loose timeframe, and the final payoff for installation are things that need to be agreed upon before signing a contract with the company.

Keep records of the project

Aside from maintaining a good line of communication with the AZ Interior Construction company when it comes to expectations of work, people will also want to keep all the receipts so that misunderstandings will be avoided. Usually, these experts will have clients buy the slab on their own and have it shipped to the manufacturing facility, for instance, and they will want to make sure that they record that.

Look for any red flags and prepare to solve these issues

The early sign of communication issues between the contractor and client is a good indicator that clients might have more issues down the road with their project. Not only that, first impressions always matter: If the company does not show up on time for the first meeting or cannot produce references, videos, or photos of their past jobs immediately when requested, people might want to take a stop and re-bid the job to another firm.

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