Dry vs. Steam Cleaning a Carpet

Dry vs. Steam Cleaning a Carpet

Whether you have an important summer party coming up, want to ensure your office is clean and tidy for your employees and clients, or simply want your home to look and smell fresher this season, chances are you’re trying to determine if dry cleaning or steam cleaning your carpet is the better idea. Before you start searching for carpet cleaning Waco TX, check out this guide to help you determine the best method.


The Chemicals Used

If you want to avoid using chemicals for your cleaning needs, you’ll want to keep in mind that steam cleaning isn’t free of them. The machine uses a detergent that activates with hot water and then is sucked up with a wet vac. However, if you want to be technical, even plain water is a chemical compound, so the only way to clean completely chemical-free is to vacuum it and leave it alone.

You May Wait Longer

There is no denying that steam cleaning will leave your carpet looking the freshest, but you’ll need to determine if it fits into your schedule. Hiring a carpet cleaning company means you’ll need to wait for a time slot to open up, so plan in advance if you’re cleaning for a party. Keep in mind that even doing it yourself can take a while since you’ll need to rent a steam cleaner.

Steam Cleaning Dries Quickly

There is one big benefit to steam cleaning if you do it. It dries more quickly, especially when done by a professional. Professionals have stronger equipment that sucks up more water as they clean and dry the carpet. And at less than $100 per room in most places, it is often quite affordable, especially if you are only doing one or two rooms.

Should you decide to hire a professional for your carpet cleaning needs, be sure to get a written estimate first. This ensures you don’t take on any hidden costs and spend more money than you expected to.