Different Ways to Screen a Fireplace

Different Ways to Screen a Fireplace

Fireplace screens have been around for a long time.  One of the first purposes of a fire screen was to keep the intense heat of the fire away from people sitting nearby.  This was during a time when many homes were heated by fire, which meant the fire was built to burn hot to heat the entire home, making it too hot for those sitting by the fire.  Now, fireplace screens are used for the pure joy of decoration, to protect children and pets, or to make wood burning fires safer.


Maybe the fireplace is more for decoration than for practical heating. Maybe the fireplace looks like an unattractive dark hole in the middle of the room during the summer or other times it is not in use.  In this case, a decorative fire screen may be the answer.  Just about anything, you can imagine, or any décor style can be matched with a custom-made decorative fire screen.

Decorative Fire Screen


Children and pets are often unaware of the damaging impact of fire, and for this reason, many fireplaces are screened. Whether it be woodburning or gas-powered fire, screening for protection along with following fireplace safety tips can allow for a safer way to heat the home or for a more comfortable way for a family to enjoy watching a fire.   


When burning wood in a fireplace, sparks and hot embers can shoot from the fireplace.  These burning hot projectiles can damage flooring and may even cause an unintended fire in the home.  Mesh screens can block burning materials from the fire before they escape the fireplace enclosure, which makes woodburning fires safer.

The reasons for using a fireplace screen have changed over the years.  Most homes have other heating sources and do not rely on fire.  However, people still love to watch a fire.

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