Blessings Plumbing from Virginia Beach Offers 24 Hour Emergency Service

Blessings Plumbing from Virginia Beach Offers 24 Hour Emergency Service

How much is needed for a company to become praised by its customers? Little, really. Still, it seems like it’s a really hard job for most companies to do this.

The small yet popular plumbing company from Virginia Beach called Blessings managed to win the hearts of the locals by offering 24/7 customer service. Whenever you have a problem with your faucets, drains, boilers, etc. you can call Mister Craig and he will come over to give you a hand.

This is what makes his company one of a kind in the area. The residents are still respectful of his time and rarely someone gives him a call after the working hours, but the option still stands. In a case of emergency, Craig is available for his fellow citizens providing an excellent plumbing service that makes him and the team very popular.

Why is customer service important?

Customer service is a part of the marketing handbooks for people studying this craft. However, you can’t buy this kind of marketing. Being available day and night for whatever you need that is connected to the business of plumbing, is something that money can’t buy. Read more about all-round service on this link.

In other industries, customer service is the best way to retain customers. Big corporations, just like small companies pay strong attention to it because the experts realized that spending on customer retention is much more affordable than spending on getting new customers.

This is not the case here. This guy really cares about the community and that’s why he offers such a service. In return, the citizens know that when it comes to plumbing in Virginia Beach, there’s no other choice but to call this firm.

Who wins and who loses by providing 24/7 assistance?

No one loses, that’s for sure. The companies that are eligible to provide 24/7 customer care are the ones that are winning the most, but the clients who are receiving the assistance are also happy.

No one wants to dial that number when there’s a problem. If we’re talking about plumbing, then looking for a plumber in the middle of the night means only one thing – flood.

It’s not easy for a plumber to get up at 4 AM and put the tools on their back to go fight with a burst pipe, but it’s the job. If they don’t the entire place will be ruined, and people will suffer. Those plumbers who will turn down the call can be sure that they won’t see this client ever again.

On the other hand, being there for someone in need gives not just a better paycheck at the end of the week but strengthens the brand and the reputation. On top, there’s the satisfaction that you had the chance to help someone who might have the chance to lose everything in the flood.

Why customer service raises companies to a different level?

You’ll never see a successful company that isn’t taking care of their customers. We’re not talking about giant corporations who have billions of dollars to spend on marketing and always manage to find new customers. We’re talking about medium and small companies that depend on the clients’ satisfaction.

Every company or a person in the contracting business that wants to do a job and then forget about – can’t be successful. We are all responsible for the actions we make. When we’re working as plumbers, we need to understand that our work is never final. No one can be sure that something won’t burst again, and we need to be ready for it.

Those companies that offer a non-stop customer service helping their customers to reach them at all times will achieve a different level of professionalism and customer communication. They are building a family rather than a business. This is something that everyone should be aiming at. See more on this topic on the link:


The plumbing company we talked about is without a doubt the best one in the area. Not just because they are available for their clients at all times, but because they do a great job and their reputation in the community is flawless.