Access Points in Slab Foundations

Access Points in Slab Foundations


If you have purchased a home with a slab foundation, you may be apprehensive about future repairs. Plumbing and water running through concrete create potential foundation problems. And the concrete itself can cause electrical problems. North Texas can be challenging for homeowners. Homeowners are lucky to have a Plano foundation repair company that can fix foundation issues due to weather, soil shifting, geological events, even trees.

If you’ve noticed issues with your foundation, your first step should be to reach out to a qualified foundation repair firm. Many contractors offer a free estimate, and a reliable contractor will be able to tell you if you have damage that requires a repair. Check your insurance or home warranty for assistance with the cost.


Your foundation repair contractor will determine the ideal repair for your home. Repairs can be accomplished by injecting epoxy or polyurethane foam to fill cracks. Slab jacking or mud jacking involves injecting a grout slurry underneath the slab for leveling. But the most durable and effective repair will be using piers to stabilize your foundation. Both steel and concrete piers can be used, with concrete providing a very solid and affordable option.


The route of access will depend on the problem. Exterior piers are just that, piers that will be placed around the outside edge of the home. This will require digging, and your landscaping will have to be temporarily relocated. A conscientious contractor will do this with care, and no long-term damage should result. This type of repair will cause you the least inconvenience as you likely won’t be required to vacate your house.

Interior piers are a different situation. There will be digging inside your home. Your flooring, tile, or carpet will have to be removed. Jackhammers and chisels will be used to dig into the concrete. Repairing your foundation should solve your problems rather than creating new ones, though it is wise to have a plumbing test after a foundation repair. This will determine if there are any leaks occurring, and some contractors may require it. Even if everything is carefully covered there will still be dust, and the home will require a thorough cleaning afterward. Expect to relocate for the duration of the repairs.

As far as a foundation repair affecting the resale value of your home, opinions vary. Inexperienced buyers may shy away, but experienced buyers in Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas will not find a repaired foundation surprising. Some may even find it positive that a foundation issue has been identified and correctly repaired. Contractors should offer either a lifetime warranty or one with a considerable number of years.

Proper maintenance is important to keep your foundation stable after repair. Gutters and drains, or even watering the soil outside your home, will help to maintain ideal moisture. It’s true that slab foundation repairs can be inconvenient in terms of expense and disruption. But if performed correctly, they are a long-lasting solution and give a homeowner peace of mind for years to come.