7 Ways To Renovate Houses With Low Cost

7 Ways To Renovate Houses With Low Cost


           Renovating the house is often a cost that is not small, and not infrequently the cost incurred exceeds the cost of the planned budget. For that knowledge of how to renovate a cheap house is absolutely necessary so that what has been budgeted can be achieved with the maximum. This knowledge is the result of a combination of habits, knowledge of the fundamentals of renovation and of course the discipline in decision making if it fails or there is an immediate obstacle to the evaluation.

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Here’s how to renovate a cheap house that can add to your knowledge:
1. Create a Priority Scale so Renovation Will not Swell
If you follow the conscience or advice of the builder, a bias so your renovation is only half done but the cost is up. This is where the need to make the priority scale in doing a home renovation. For example, if indeed the original purpose to create a bedroom for children, then do as planned. Temptation usually comes with the desire to add a small buffet, children’s desk, make wallpaper nuanced child, and so forth. If you do not focus on the priority scale, the costs to be incurred will be inflated. While the limited budget.

2. Use Building Materials “Former”, but Still Worth Use
Sometimes we still have some used building materials of previous renovations that are unused or it could be the material is still feasible to wear but included in the category of parts that follow renovated. Reuse used construction materials that are still in good condition, such as doors, windows, tiles, sanitary equipment and so on. You can make the material look new by repainting or polishing it with a varnish so it looks new. Or if you still have used marble, do not throw it away because the marble shards can beautify the building or interior of the house. So there is no harm in not using used building materials that are still worth using, in addition to you more efficient, you can also use your creativity.

3. Understand the Basic Formula for Remodeling: Create a Volume of Working Price Count
There are many methods of calculating budget renovations. Try checking one by one as a comparison material. Choose the most cost-effective method. Perform detailed budget calculations by calculating the volume and prices of all the work to be done. If you are disciplined in doing this then the value of your building will be maximal, cost-efficient results look good.
Just to remind again, how to calculate the cost of renovation is to compile all the components of the work from the initial stages of development to the stage of completion of work. Detailed job components such as land clearing, cut and fill, safety fence, mobilization, and demobilization, then continued with civil works such as foundation construction, sloof, column, wall, and roof coverings have standard cost component. Keep in mind that the details of work components are very flexible and can evolve everywhere, such as the addition of walls, ceilings, and roof coverings, or it could be the addition of mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation work consisting of electricity, telephone, sound, air, Clean water, and sewerage. Not to mention the page work like paths, yard, and park. If you follow this, the result will never be reached budget already made. Remember, focus on priority scale and predetermined cost.

4. Calculate Expenditure Plan
In making the calculation of the cost you can do yourself like a guide that has been given. If you are not satisfied also you can consult the experts, could be friends, builders, or online consultation in several media provider of building consultancy services online. Do not forget, the cost budgeting plan should be based on the type of material and work components.

5. Invite Material Store as a Partner
Many building stores that provide convenience for prospective buyers who will do the renovation by installments for the purchase of building materials in their store. The two sides are mutually benefited, where buyers can allocate renovation fund gradually while the shopkeepers are also helped by the purchase of stock on a regular basis to meet the stock sales targets from their suppliers. To be able to walk with this payment system, you should be familiar with the material store.

6. Beware and Be Careful In Choosing a Contractor Or If Hesitant Use Building Service
In big cities, it is common to use building contractor services in home or renovation. They can be freelance professionals or in the form of official companies. You benefit from the convenience of process and quality results if you can choose a good contractor. If you want to renovate a house or other building using the services of contractors, you should look carefully, a contractor who is really experienced, honest, and professional.
But do not be for the sake of cost-saving you insist on using a cheap but inexperienced contractor. If the budget is limited, you should choose the services of builders only. Although it seems traditional, they are easier to discuss the building plans and progress seen from the cost side.

7. Save on the Other Side of Unexpected Expenditures
When renovations often we are stuck to compete with the environment. See neighbors build a house with marble and teak wood and then we follow-follow-up. Avoid this kind of thing. Focus on budget costs and save on other unexpected expenses. During the renovation you will probably experience the condition of the building that will be in the renovation was already in severe condition so it costs other expenses that are not unexpected.