7 DIY Nightstand Safe from Fire

7 DIY Nightstand Safe from Fire

Most times, all it takes to transform a bedroom from “blah” to “beautiful” is one fundamental, eye-catching piece of furniture, especially if it’s been reinterpreted uniquely. A nightstand can be an excellent first-time DIY project for a beginner because it is a compact and straightforward piece of furniture that can be customized and personalized to suit your tastes and preferences. Consider it to be a small table or a miniature cabinet.

The following are nightstand DIY:

1.  A modern nightstand with an asymmetrical design and a rounded top

This modern two-tone nightstand is distinguished with an asymmetrical design that complements its minimalism in a really fascinating way. To do this, simply cut some lumber and use a few tools to construct it, including a circular saw, dowel jigs, drills, and nail guns, along with white paint (or a different color). Make sure you use strong lumber in making this nightstand to protect your property from a fire in the long run.

2.  A nightstand that looks like a table for small areas

This DIY nightstand, which can be seen on the websites. It has a similar appearance to a backless chair. Four legs and a top are all that it consists of, and due to its simplicity, it is also simple to assemble. The legs are painted white, and they provide an excellent contrast to the hardwood top boards, which is a charming finishing touch.

3.  Side table made from a tree stump

Depending on the stump’s size, a tree stump side table can also be used as a nightstand. To construct one, you’ll need a tree trunk or a large wood that has been trimmed to size. Again, you have the option of leaving the bark on or not. Because it would be somewhat hefty, you may also consider installing casters on it to make moving it more convenient.

4.  Nightstand with gold-tipped legs that is both stylish and functional

As previously stated, a simple DIY nightstand maybe both be trendy and appealing if the correct elements are emphasized. With tapered legs and golden tips, this nightstand is a simple open box/cubby with a simple design. To do this, you need light in color wood and has been left unfinished, which is a beautiful way to bring out the material’s natural beauty.

5.  Compact nightstand design: Solid wood beams

You need to join four wood beams together to form this sturdy and compact nightstand, which you can also use as a side table when necessary. For the nightstand’s clean, geometric shape, you can use a flat steel bar to link the beams together and keep them attached. You can do this yourself or purchase the item online.

6.  Plywood nightstand

This plywood nightstand is small, contemporary, attractive, and quite functional. It’s a fantastic combo, and you can create this piece entirely from scratch, ensuring that it has the exact size and proportions that you require to suit properly into your bedroom. You can use the small open space at the bottom of the shelf as a display shelf for a lovely planter or a few books or as a storage nook for a few items that you wish to keep close to your bed during the nighttime hours.


The DIY nightstands are the best and safest for your room. It gives your room that unique taste it deserves. Nonetheless, the above DIY nightstand is all made from wood which is prone to fire. However, it is a safe DIY because most of these woods do not readily catch fire. Nevertheless, make sure these DIY nightstands are not placed close to where fire can easily break out.

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