55 Clever Home Remodeling Ideas

55 Clever Home Remodeling Ideas

This is our 55+ remodeling ideas for new home/apartment:
1. Lower your living room to create a conversation pit.

2. Turn an attic nook into a pillow room.
info 1:
info 2:

3. Display your book collection under the stairs.
info 1:
info 2: simpleho.me

3.Book shelf under stair
photo 2:

4. Or use the space underneath for storage.
Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:

5. Or use that space for a book nook.

6. Dog little haven underneath the stairs.
Photo 1:
Photo 2:

7. Make space for two dishwashers instead of one.

8. a treehouse or guesthouse.

9. Turn shabby garden shed into a charming artist’s shed.
Photo 1:
Photo 2:

10. An in-wall pest control system.

11. baseboard drawers.

12. Consider a hidden room.

Photo 2

13. Make your walls MAGNETIC.

14. An S-shaped seat for the shower.

15. Stretch a ceiling hammock.
more info:

16.A walk-in shower.

17. Install chutes in your kitchen straight into the garage.

18. A platform in a storage/guestroom.

19. Build a dry bar into your deck.

20. Turn dead space above a staircase into a playroom.
before and after: h

21. a second mini-fridge in your kitchen island.

and houzz

22. Instead of typical cabinets, build a pull-out cabinet for instant counter space.

23. Put a sink with jets in your laundry room.

24.Hidden Ironing Board



26. Kids will love having slumber parties in their bunkroom.

27. An accordion glass windows and doors.

28. a star-gazing sunroof.

29. Install a two-sided fireplace.

30. A living room fireplace with built-in seating.

31. Add that master bedroom balcony.

Number 32– 36.

32. harry Potter bedroom.

33.a second office under stairs.
or Cheerful Home Office

34. White good .

35. Bathroom under stair.
or~Petite Powder Room

36. Play house.

37– 44

37.Stealthy Storage

38.Space-Saving Bike Storage

39.Covert Kitchen Pantry

40.Streamlined Entertainment Center

41.Cozy Reading Nook

42.Mini Mudroom
http:// organizingmadefun.blogspot.com

43. Secret Room under the floor.

44.Kitchen Collectibles
http:// thujainteriordesign.wordpress.com
Living plan decor under the stairs: myxits.com

45. mason jar herb garden.

HOW to:

46. Custom design storage solution.

47.Distressed wood and sliding barn door.

48.sliding barn door for laundry room

49. Creative white picture frame.

50. Special space for the spice rack.

51. The wood-lined loft for the kid’s room
More info:

52. A large rustic wood-slab for the kitchen.

53. Extra space for the kitchen stuff.

54.Custom ladder for the kitchen.

55. Spa Like Bathroom.

2.A new beginning

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