5 Ways to Protect Your Washer and Make It Last Longer

5 Ways to Protect Your Washer and Make It Last Longer

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A washing machine is more than a convenience for most busy households. It is easily considered a necessary appliance that keeps a family in fresh, laundered clothes. Below are five ways to keep your washer in excellent working order for years of service.

Manually Check the Laundry

It is easy to blow off a manual check of the laundry when you are on a tight schedule, but it can prove helpful to extending the life of your washer and dryer. Check each pocket for items like crayons, keys, pocket knives, pens, markers, and plastic items. It can cause staining, clogging, or scratching of the interior of the machine.

Use a Smaller Amount of Soap in Each Load

The technology of the modern washing machine is such that a ton of soap is not required to get clothes clean. In fact, too much soap will begin to coat the interior surface of the washer and cause problems. Use soap designed for your type of washer and use the least amount needed for each load.

Air Dry Front Loaders after Each Load

Front load washing machines need complete air circulation to dry out after use. Pull the clothes and leave the door open when not in use. It will help you avoid the unpleasant odor of mold and mildew that can develop by keeping the door shut when the inside is wet.

Use Power Surge Protection

Lightning storms are not the only times you have to worry about a surge in electricity through the lines. It can happen at any time. Newer washing machines operate using an electronic keypad. It is sensitive to electricity levels. Plug your washing machine in using surge protection to protect the fragile electronic controls for your appliance.

Service Your Washer Once a Year

Have a technician check out your washer once a year to make sure it is in good working order. Get problems fixed before they lead to loss of use through a breakdown.

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