5 Garage Organization Solutions Everyone Must Know

5 Garage Organization Solutions Everyone Must Know

If you’ve decided to finally do something about that mess in the garage, it’s time to learn more about the process of handling it. Some people think that doing this is very simple, but actually, this is something that requires a lot of effort.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the 5 best solutions that we think every garage must-have. Things that will help you find space for all the items inside even though the space you have is not as big as needed for everything to be stored. Follow up and learn more!

1. Toss the old cabinets

Throw them away and don’t get new ones. You don’t need them. They take a lot of space and are not as functional as another solution. They also require additional space for opening the doors. On top of everything, things get lost inside. Tiny pieces that are stored in the deep parts of the cabinet are forgotten there and you’ll think you’ve lost them or you simply forget about them.

Inside is dark and it’s hard to reach everywhere. You have bottles, tools, who knows what else inside. Behind all these things there are items you can’t see and to find something you need, everything must come out before you actually do it.

That’s why a better solution is installing shelves. Wooden or metal shelves will be a perfect place to store your tools and everything you need. They are easily accessible, you don’t have to look for the thing you need inside the cabinet, and once you use something, you can easily get it back on the original place without any effort. See some shelf ideas here.

2. Install a pegboard

Do you use every tool in the box every time you get inside the garage? No, you don’t! There are a few tools that you use most often while the others are used occasionally. That’s why installing a pegboard can be very convenient.

Place some hooks and brackets where some things will hang and will be visible at all times. This way, you won’t need to open cabinets, drawers, and look through the other things to find what you need. Everything is easily accessible.

3. Change the floor

When the garage was built, the material on the floor was probably the same as the driveway in the yard. You probably know how hard it is to clean this up when you make a mess. There are probably oil spots that are impossible to be cleaned.

It’s very wise to do a renovation on this so you can maintain the place more easily. Think about tiles, linoleum floors, and flooring that will be easy to clean up no matter what is done to it. For this, you’ll probably need a company offering garage organization solutions that will do it for you. It’s not easy handling this on your own, so don’t hesitate to call for help especially on things like these.

4. Hang everything on walls

Just look at the place. How much-unused space is there on the walls? Why not use all this? Place some brackets and shelves to place things that are usually staying on the floor. You know, things like bikes, canoes, baby strollers, and other items that are lightweight enough to be hanged up and to be managed every now and then.

They also take a lot of the place if they stay on the ground. You can’t hang up the motorcycle, but just do this with everything else that can go up and see how much room will open up. You’ll no longer need to crawl around items.

5. Open up more space

Is your garage too tiny? Do you need more room? Tear down the north wall! Or the one that you think it’s the most appropriate. For this, you’ll probably need help from the contractors again, but you can build additional space by installing plasterboard walls that are a small investment, yet, still an excellent idea.

Getting an extra 150-200 square feet can mean a lot for the place. You’ll be able to get enough room for that new motorcycle, a new lawnmower, or whatever you need it for. See how much an average American garage is here: https://www.houseplanshelper.com/garage-dimensions.html