4 Uses for Casters Around the House

4 Uses for Casters Around the House

Casters Wheel

You’ve probably seen casters on desks and office chairs, but did you know that they actually have a wide variety of uses around the home? They can be valuable additions to everything from bedroom furniture to garage accessories. If you’re ready to mobilize things around the house, here are just four ideas to try.

1.    Washing Machines

You might be a little surprised by this suggestion, but some of the newer models of washing machines already have wheels on them. They’re a great way to move the heavy objects in and out of homes, and they can also be useful if you ever drop a sock behind the machine. You can simply roll it forward.

2.    Toolboxes and Workbenches

If you like fiddling with things in the garage, you might be interested in caster wheels for toolboxes and workbenches. Some of these products are sold with wheels already on them, but if you bought a model that’s stubbornly stationary, it isn’t difficult to add a heavy duty swivel caster or two. Casters can help you move big things around your garage like they weigh nothing at all.

3.    Cabinets

Casters can be added to your cabinets to give them a certain amount of maneuverability around the room. For example, you might install casters on a food cabinet so that you can wheel it through your kitchen while you cook, or you might put casters on a display cabinet that holds all of your limited-edition figurines.

4.    Laundry Containers

Rolling laundry containers are a staple in hotels and resorts, but they can also be purchased for your home. However, if you don’t want to buy one, you can make your own. Just add wheels to your existing laundry bag or basket; then, you’ll be able to move it all around the house without breaking your back. Say goodbye to struggles with heavy piles of clothes!

These are just a few ways that you might use casters in your home. There are many more, especially if you’re willing to branch out to different types of casters, so don’t feel pigeonholed by this list. The sky is the limit when you get mobile!

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