4 Must-do Repairs When Listing Your Home

4 Must-do Repairs When Listing Your Home

When you prepare to sell your home, there are several areas that do not impact a potential buyer’s first impression but also impact the home’s potential for passing a home inspection. The following items should be on your list of things that must be corrected before your home hits the market.

Peeling Paint

It doesn’t matter if it is exterior or interior paint. Any signs of peeling paint can send the wrong message about potential moisture in the air, the age of the home, and the general maintenance that has been done around the house. Fixing paint also gives you the opportunity to select clean, fresh neutrals to make the home more appealing.

Exterior Decline

There are several things that could be going wrong on the outside of the home. It could an aged roof with missing tiles or pieces of siding that have cracked or blown off. You should consider the foundation of the home, calling on foam foundation repair Tulsa OK businesses to mitigate structural concerns. Whatever is noticeable on the exterior should be proactively addressed, since potential buyers will more than likely ask for a concession if they decide to buy the house.

Kitchen Upgrades

While they may not be broken, dated kitchen fixtures, flooring, and appliances are a turn off to potential buyers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and some DIY effort can replace old lighting, lay new floors, or paint the cabinets.

Ugly Bathrooms

Bathrooms are also on potential buyer priority lists. Changing out the vanity, putting on a fresh coat of paint, and having the shower and tub resurfaced or replaced can make a huge difference in how well your house shows.

Your realtor will be able to tell you the best places to spend your time and money but know in advance that work will have to be done. Doing it before the sign goes in the yard will help your asking price and the timeframe it sits on the market.