DIY Steps To Protect Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Though the outdoor furniture is made of All-weather materials, but one has to act wisely to prolong the life of it. Don’t leave everything to manufacturer’s hand as they are not end users. This article sheds some light on the protection of the furniture. Follow the below listed steps to improve the utility of the furniture.

Step 1:

Generally the patio furniture is exposed to all forms of the pollution. So brush them to remove the dust.

Check for any damages. If any, clear the issue. Otherwise your efforts will run in vain.

Separate upholstery and frame of the furniture piece as they should be cleaned separately.

But wicker furniture is altogether different. They have to be covered with hose. Wooden and metal furniture can be cleaned with a sponge.

To ease the cleaning process, use a cleaning solution which is specific to the material you are using.

Step 2: