Access Points in Slab Foundations


If you have purchased a home with a slab foundation, you may be apprehensive about future repairs. Plumbing and water running through concrete create potential foundation problems. And the concrete itself can cause electrical problems. North Texas can be challenging for homeowners. Homeowners are lucky to have a Plano foundation repair company that can fix foundation issues due to weather, soil shifting, geological events, even trees.

If you’ve noticed issues with your foundation, your first step should be to reach out to a qualified foundation repair firm. Many contractors offer a free estimate, and a reliable contractor will be able to tell you if you have damage that requires a repair. Check your insurance or home warranty for assistance with the cost.


Your foundation repair contractor will determine the ideal repair for your home. Repairs can be accomplished by injecting epoxy or polyurethane …

The most common causes of foundation cracks


Every home and business are built on a foundation. Overtime there are certain instances that can cause cracks to form that can be damaging to the structural integrity of the residence or business. Today, we are going to look at some of the most common causes of these foundational cracks so that you can better identify the culprit and remedy the situation.

Soil Movement
Unfortunately, we can’t always control the outside environment. However, you can gain knowledge on what type of soil your structure is built on so you can better predict the likelihood of having foundational cracks. Structures typically built on expansive soil types, such asĀ clay soil, are more likely to develop cracks due to the retention of water. More loose soils, such as sandy soil, allows for better drainage and results in fewer cracks in the structure.

Any sort of major leak in your home …