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Historic Architecture, Aspen, Colorado

Historic Architecture, Aspen, Colorado

Water Fountain and Flowers grace this historic building with Fall Foliage in the background, Aspen, Colorado.

When the Wheeler Opera House first opened its doors to theatergoers on April 23, 1889, the building symbolized prestige, progress and culture for the citizens of Aspen. Only ten years earlier, the first pioneer prospectors had come over the continental divide from Leadville and into the Roaring Fork Valley. Soon Aspen boomed from a muddy camp with three prospectors into a town with brick and stone businesses and an opera house that was among the largest, most-substantial and best-furnished buildings.

From the start of construction in 1888 to the end of World War II, the Wheeler Opera House saw good times, dark times, and quiet times. Construction on the Wheeler Block begun in early June 1888 by Jerome Byron Wheeler. Wheeler had already made his name in Aspen history as the man who finally …

Kitchen Remodeling Timelapse Narrated

This is a high speed time-lapse of a complete kitchen remodel that my brother Neil and I did. I setup a GoPro camera to take a shot every 2 seconds for 17-days of remodeling… this video is sped up 10x faster (a shot every 20 seconds). If you’re interested in seeing the kitchen remodel time-lapse at a slower speed, with more explanation of the process, you can check out the other videos I have uploaded to this profile. There is one video for each of the 17 days of work we did.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions! Cheers, Jason


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