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Moving Vlog 4! Renter Home Improvements!

I feel like some real progress is happening out here!
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Hey everyone! Here is part four of the moving vlog. Now that the trash is out of the way, I can finally start moving in the rest of my furniture. Today I do a little bit of home improvement, and feel pretty cool about it.
I included some links to items I got a few questions about below 🙂

My Bathroom Storage Shelf from Amazon:

Rainbow Sun Catcher (I LOVE THIS THING):

This was the listing for my rug, but my color is sold out by this seller, but the other colors are cute too:

Moving Vlog #3:

Moving Vlog#2

Moving Vlog #1

Didn’t know I was moving?
Here’s the q&a video:

New music by Ryan Little!
Check out his youtube channel and show a lil love!


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How To Be A Contractor – Fast Track To Being A Contractor

How To Be A Contractor – Fast Track To Being A Contractor
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Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to be successful in learning how to be a contractor.
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bath renovation rockville, md

bath renovation rockville, md

Home Maintenance The easiest way to avoid large and costly repairs to your home is preventative maintenance. Don’t let small items go until they become big jobs. We see too often while estimating, that if simple painting and caulking, or sometimes sealing of stone or tile work had been performed regularly, many of the repairs and replaced surfaces could have been prevented. Putting it very simply, maintenance adds life to any surface and keeps your home looking fresh and new. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth what to you…For these smaller maintenance items we offer:
Hourly Carpenter Rates
Hourly Painter Rates
Handy Man Service
Emergency After Hour Service
Call for a no obligation, in home estimate on these service:

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