How do you install DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems? We explain in today’s step-by-step tutorial.

Here is the break down of the steps for the DITRA-HEAT installation:

Step 1 = Planning DITRA-HEAT heated flooring systems
Step 2 = Gathering materials
Step 3 = Setting DITRA-HEAT membrane
Step 4 = Heating cable tips before installation
Step 5 = Conductor resistance test
Step 6 = Conductor and ground braid continuity test
Step 7 = Insulation resistance test
Step 8 = Floor temperature sensor test
Step 9 = Heating cable cold splice installation
Step 10 – Heating cable installation in membrane
Step 11 – Thermostat sensor installation
Step 12 – DITRA-HEAT thermostat installation
Step 13 – Fill studs with unmodified thin-set

Watch our video for the full DITRA-HEAT installation

Or visit our website for the written tutorial