Top 15 Home Remodeling Tools

Here is your Tool Starter Guide to help you get started in your DIY Home Remodeling Adventure! In this episode of the Handy Home Owner. I will go over 15 Must have tools, before you start remodeling your home!

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How to Recoup What You Spend On Your Home Improvement

Purchasing a new home is a major investment, but the money trail doesn’t end there. Unless you spent the time and money on a new home construction, you’re likely on the fritz about updating your property. Turning your house into a home you can cherish for many years sometimes requires indoor and outdoor remodeling.

There are some folks who spend tens of thousands of dollars on remodeling the exterior and interior of their properties. Making updates to your home can be done whether you’ve just purchased a fixer upper or been living in your house for many years. The key is to ensure you’re making renovations that can yield some type of return on investment.

After seeing which remodeling projects allow homeowners to recoup their spending, we decided to put together a quick list. This way, you can make a more informed decision about any future remodeling work you decide … Read More