Three Finance Options When Buying a New Boiler

All boilers should be serviced annually, but there comes a time when they will need to be replaced, as wear and tear gradually creep in. As boilers can be costly, there are a number of options to suit your needs, from loans with fixed interest rates to paying for the boiler monthly or in a lump sum. As with any purchase, it’s important to read the small print before agreeing to the purchase.

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Flexible finance options are available

Flexible finance means you pay the total cost of the boiler over a fixed repayment period. It’s important to look at the total cost and the length of time you have to pay. Also consider the cost of the deposit and the total interest to be paid. Lower upfront costs can be attractive in a low interest deal, but higher rates may apply when the interest free period ends.…

Mythology and Fire All in One

Humans have had an obsession with fire for millennia for reasons of comfort and warmth but also in awe of its destructive power.  We used this want for heat to make ourselves very clever systems to instal within our homes.  We now have professional engineers who will do it for us.  Businesses like apollo radiators can put in column radiators for us which heat the home in a very efficient way.   Just about every culture on Earth has or did have Gods and Goddesses of fire who were worshipped and their tales have been passed down countless generations. Here we take a look at the Greek god of fire, Hephaestus.

Hephaestus was the god of fire, stone masonry, metal working, sculpture and forges. He was the son of the god Zeus and goddess Hera and he was married to Aphrodite to prevent a war of the gods fighting for her …

Myths Busted About Property Surveys

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have, since 2016, offered two types of services for homebuyers – the RICS Survey and Valuation Survey – and since that date a homebuyer report without a valuation.

The difference between the two is clearly explained by the RICS at their website.
Getting a survey of a property you are thinking of purchasing is crucial, but there are some misconceptions that you need to be informed about.

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Buyers often assume that because the property has been valued, they do not need a survey, but it is important to understand that a valuation is provided for the mortgage provider to ensure they are lending on a property which is worth the sum you are borrowing. This may not be the full amount you are paying for the property. A survey, meanwhile, will mean a thorough inspection of the building and …

Before You Sell Your Home, Take These Steps

Preparing your home for sale may be one of the most difficult tasks you will undertake as you get ready to move. Beyond taking care of all the changes your realtor suggests, there are often things you need to fix, repair, or mend before you can sell. To make it easier, here are some steps you can take to make life much simpler during the transition period.

Declutter Now

Before you begin packing or cleaning, declutter each room in your home. If you can live without it, the items are no longer needed, or your family has outgrown the pieces, donate them to a charity before you move.

Pack Early

Walking around in a cramped or cluttered room when you are trying to organize or clean your home can be difficult. Instead, do yourself a favor and pack early. Remove clutter, items from walls, books, and anything else you don’t

Top Kitchen Trends For 2020

When it comes to kitchen trends, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you need to figure out the latest kitchen trends and ideas suitable for a modern-day kitchen set up. Here are trending kitchen ideas to consider for 2020.

Repair Structural Damage

Structural damage is expected in bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens, especially in older homes, are prone to structural damages if the house was built on a sinking foundation. With the right slab repairs, you can fix sinking or cracked foundations to make your kitchen sturdy and good as new.

If you notice that your doors or windows are somewhat jammed or misaligned, a quick repair will prevent the problem from escalating. Therefore, before you even start thinking of remodeling your kitchen and giving it a contemporary look, consider fixing any existing structural issues.

Use Decorative Backsplashes

Backsplashes such as granite or marble are