How to Re-purpose an Old Bookshelf

The explosion of fast furniture in the UK over the past couple of decades has led to a glut in old shelving in our home. These pieces might be perfectly functional, but due to color, style or chips no longer suitable as bookshelves.

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But luckily there are a host of bloggers out there re-purposing their shelving Ireland and beyond. And some of these ideas are so good you might end up buying more shelves just to try them out.

  1. New Headboard
    Bed headboards tend to be ridiculously expensive for what they are, and if you by a cheap one, flimsy too. However, a re-purposed shelf makes a great substitution. All you need to do is affix some ply board, padding, and fabric to the lower half and leave the upper half free for books. You can even paint it to match your duvet.

Living Room

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    1. Living Room Bar

4 Uses for Casters Around the House

Casters Wheel

You’ve probably seen casters on desks and office chairs, but did you know that they actually have a wide variety of uses around the home? They can be valuable additions to everything from bedroom furniture to garage accessories. If you’re ready to mobilize things around the house, here are just four ideas to try.

1.    Washing Machines

You might be a little surprised by this suggestion, but some of the newer models of washing machines already have wheels on them. They’re a great way to move the heavy objects in and out of homes, and they can also be useful if you ever drop a sock behind the machine. You can simply roll it forward.

2.    Toolboxes and Workbenches

If you like fiddling with things in the garage, you might be interested in caster wheels for toolboxes and workbenches. Some of these products are sold with wheels already on them, …

Affording Critical Services to Beat the Heat

The Gulf Coast area is well-known for its heat and humidity.  People who live there often want to escape the oppressive weather by any means possible.  Their best option is to take shelter in an air conditioned house or business.

However, the constant humidity and heat can take their toll on the air conditioners in the area.  These appliances often break down faster and more often than AC units in other states because of how much they are used.  When you want to keep yours running smoothly, you could have it serviced by plumbing, heating, and ac companies in fort myers today.

Beating the Prices for Repairs

As much as you may need this service for your AC unit, you may not have a lot of cash to afford it.  In fact, you might want to get it at the cheapest price available.

When you visit the website of the …

The Importance of Frozen Pipe Repair

One of the most common types of home disasters involves water damage. There are a variety of things that can occur that lead to this type of problem, such as a flood due to stormy weather, a sewage backup or even a water pipe broken due to freezing. No matter what the specific cause of the issue, water damage is something that must be immediately tackled in order to prevent bigger problems like mold growth.

If your problem involves a pipe that has been frozen as a result of water damage or a flood, it requires immediate attention. Frozen pipe repair is an essential service as not dealing with it at the earliest point possible can result in the pipe bursting, which can make for quite the disastrous situation. You can save a great deal of money, time and effort by having a team of experienced water remediation specialists come …

Designing a Pool House with Comfort

Aside from an area where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine and the sights and sounds of nature, a gazebo can also be used as a pool house. A screened gazebo MA company’s offer can be designed with storage and other features that make it a cozy and secure place for everything from changing into a swimsuit or keeping the items that are needed for your pool.

If you plan on using the gazebo so that people can change clothes, then consider tinted windows or shades on the windows. This type of pool house can be used for parties so that everyone doesn’t have to change clothes inside your house and track water everywhere. You can design the pool house with a bar area inside or near the building as well as a bathroom and even a bedroom if someone would want to spend the night and stay in …